Dee Dee’s Special Hand-Pulled Process

Dee Dee’s Hand Pulled Brittle™ is made with a special hand-pulled process to deliver the lightest and best peanut brittle around. This process was developed and perfected over a period of 75 years by Dee Dee herself, who became widely known as the best maker of peanut brittle in Indiana.

All-Natural Ingredients and a Home-Made Touch

Dee Dee’s Hand Pulled Brittle™ uses only all-natural ingredients. Only the finest peanuts and sugars go into a box of Dee Dee’s Hand Pulled Brittle™. Dee Dee’s Hand Pulled Brittle™ is made by hand in Dayton, Ohio. It’s this home-made touch and attention to detail that makes our peanut brittle a stand out among others.

A Great Personal or Business Gift

Dee Dee’s Hand Pulled Brittle™ makes a great gift for the holidays or any time of the year. Businesses often give Dee Dee’s as a gift to others around the holidays and on special occasions.

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