About Dee Dee’s

Our Company

Dee Dee’s Hand Pulled Brittle, Inc. is located in Dayton Ohio. It’s fitting that we centered in what has become known as the city of innovation because our peanut brittle is like no other.

The secret recipe that makes Dee Dee’s so great has been perfected for decades by Dee Dee herself. That’s why we say if you haven’t had Dee Dee’s, you haven’t had really good peanut brittle. Our peanut brittle is light, not too hard and easy to share. We use only the finest roasted peanuts, sugars and other ingredients. Our product is all-natural, home-made and eating it is a wonderful experience.

The members of our company are dedicated to spreading the joy that Dee Dee’s Peanut Brittle brings to every corner of the United States.

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  Dee Dee in the kitchen.